Thursday, April 28, 2011

new look coming soon :)

Meaning hair!

i used to dye my hair quite often
prior to military life that is
where now i must only have hair colors that are natural
and i don't even think i am supposed to  do highlights
my fun hair life has halted
now i just do the blonde to brown swap
with the seasons

I am going to try blonde 
with a twist 

and am even possibly thinking of leaving it blonde for quite a while

Possibility #1: Kinda Ombre look (slightly darker bangs with blonde hair)

I love Sydneys hair from The Daybook

I like how she is rocking the Ombre look and yet it is still subtle

Possibility #2: Mix Mary Kate and Ashley together

Loving both of their hair colors here..
 now if i could just mix them together i think that would be perfecto!

Possibility #3: SJP

To all my friends and boyfriend.. they know i am slightly in love with 
Sex in the City and Sarah Jessica Parker

Currently my hair is dark brown with horrible regrowth
if the stylist does not feel like doing
Make over Bobbi day
( i pity the stylist that have to deal with me going from brown to blonde, 
the ones i see when i am going from blonde to brown have it easy )
i will gladly settle for this :)

So what do you think??
1,2 or 3??

My bestest is getting feathers put in her hair on monday
i freaked out at first
and was frightened
then i googled "feathers in hair"
and this adorable super awesome pic popped up
i approve!
i cant wait to see her hair when i go home!
(( promise to ambush her. take pics. then put them on here ))

Cant wait for hair on  Saturday @ 10


  1. I choose #1 because I know you all too well and if you don't go drastic, you won't be 100% happy with your new look :)

    I love that all 3 of us are going through hair transformations all within the same time period! Can't wait to see your new hair!

  2. I do want #1 the most. I DO NOT want it look brassy at all! that is my biggest fear.

    I cant wait to see your hair!!

  3. I've always been a big fan of SJP's hair but #1 is super sassy and fun so maybe for that?! Cute blog, new follower :)

  4. Oh wow feathers in her hair? that sounds interesting...I'd love to see pics of both of your gals hair :)

  5. Can't wait to see your hair - AND the feathers!!


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