Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Daily Lessons #-20 Be You

I have read other blogs where people write
400 or 100 
things about me
i am shooting for 50

I think its good every once and a while to sit down
 and think about who you are, what you believe and what you like and dislike.
So here is a few from me:

1. I used to hate my name
 (( I thought Chloe or Zoe would be way more fitting ))
2. I am often called "Boob"
3. I love the color Teal
4. I hate the color pink - Unless its an accent color, NEVER alone though
5. I genuinely love fashion- not so much the fashion world, 
more so the own fashion world i create
6. I dont understand people who only have one or two pairs of shoes
7. I truly believe you can never have enough pairs of shoes
8. I went to an Art School for my Junior year in high school to study theatre
9. I cry at almost every movie
10. Lately i even cry at TV shows
11. My guilty pleasure TV shows are Make It or Break It, The Secret Life and Project Runway
12. I only love soccer because i can normally out run my opponents
13. I was a cheerleader, played soccer, ran track, yearbook, in the DECA business program, newspaper and had two jobs most of high school
14. I miss being that busy
15. I used to have dark brown hair with hot pink underneath
16. I like politics - I just wish they were 
a little more focused ( maybe just in general ) 
on humanitarian issues
17. I believe talking things out can overcome any issue
18. I want a monroe piercing really bad but probably wont ever be able to get one :(
19. I have a tattoo of minnesota's outline on my ribs- I will never regret that tattoo
20. My toe nails are always painted
21. I might be having a love affair on my boyfriend with Netflix
22. I love boutiques and antique stores 
( I blame my grandma for this )
23. I used to plan out my midlife crisis 
and afterwards i would open my own boutique
24. I love mom and pop restaurants
25. I love craft time but don't do enough of it
26. I had a wart on my nose when i was 7... i promise i'm not a witch
27. When i was younger i wanted to be an architect then an interior designer then a photographer then a missionary then a lawyer 
28. I am going to school for none of those
29. I used to spend hours looking through Pottery Barn Teen 
and would create my dream room
30. I have now moved up to Pottery Barn, Ikea and Target 
and do the same thing
31. I love reading the news and am sad that newspaper sales are down
32. I miss my Newsweek subscription
33. I love getting snail mail- more then anything
34. I love earth friendly products or products that help others
35. Today i had a moment where i felt like my life froze and i said 
"Wow, I really am in the United States Army"
36. I never ever ever ever thought about the Army while growing up
and damn sure did not ever think about joining!
37. I love being a student- through government forced conditioning i find it to be the one thing i am really good at
38. I wouldn't say i have particular talents like sewing, ballet, or singing but i would say 
- I am the best note taker you can find
- organizing brings a huge smile to my face
(( Yay ocd ))
- My determination is off the charts
- I am extremely responsible <-- and have been since.... always
i think those count as talents :)
39. I neither a cat person or dog person, i just want some kind of pet!
40. I have a unexplainable friendship with my best friend
we are so close its ridiculous
we talk on the phone for hours upon hours
we never get sick of each other
we cry when either one of us leaves out of town
we explain to our significant others that they have to get used to all of this too
41. I love love love love buying presents
and celebrate every holiday :)
42. I would love to be a personal shopper
43. For some reason i really love the pillow pets pillows
44. I love to doodle
45. I hate when people smack their gum
46. I am seriously addicted to Dr.pepper
47. I love kabobs 
48. I was raised by my mom until 10 then by my grandparents
it was the best of both worlds
49. I love traveling
and tend to get the travel bug a lot
if only my bank account would get the picture
50. I have so many dreams and goals i probably could go to 400 

Yay i did it!
Now you know 50 more things about me!

I would love to learn 
more personal things 
about myself 
and answer questions like this with my boyfriend 
so i am thinking about getting this book
I can't decide if he would hate it or like it.. 
i think loving it is out of the picture

(( More to come on this idea ))


P.S. My make believing worked. 
I wasn't too sleepy at work and the day wasn't too overwhelming.


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