Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Daily Lessons #-21 Craft Time

A lot of times i hold off on craft time 
((as i call it))
because of the
fear that i am not crafty enough
it wont turn out cute
and i am my own harshest critic

Luckily i have friends that think i make cute things :)

I do really love crafting though
i love craft supply stores
i love fabrics
and buttons
i love the different papers
and pens
and stickers
and frames
and blank canvases waiting to be painted
the flowers waiting for wreaths, pens or vases
and because of the nerd i am
I love all the organizations boxes and bins

i am determined to 
slowly master other crafts 


this quote helps:

So i have a goal in my head:
 Start my own Etsy Shop
by and have a sale by the end of summer
so thats plenty of time
to make the product
to then make more products
cute business cards
advertise a little
and make one sale
to complete this goal :)

So look forward to that in the future!

In the meantime...

Super cute right??
The idea came from Say Yes to Hoboken
Which i then tracked down to 
For the full tutorial

I have cork board that is like a banner around my room
i am thinking that would make it look pretty cute!
and those lil pom pom balls are my FAVORITE colors

I also found this idea on Say Yes to Hoboken
I cant find the exact post :( 
But it was a way to wrap presents using yarn
and heres me giving that a whirl

The final product

And this is the present inside
According to the description the bold lines are supposed to 
"cater to the baby's visual strengths"
So we will see if baby Alea likes them

Happy Crafting <3


  1. Alea loves the cards :) She pulled them out tonight and we played with them instead of reading a book before bed. She can say the "baa" noise of the sheep, the "moo" of the cow, and her very own version of an "oink" :)

  2. Yay I am so happy she likes them :) I think they are cute!!!


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