Thursday, April 14, 2011

AA Thursday

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward that my forehead is peeling, i am a snake
Awkward that my bum itches because of my ridiculous sunburn
Awkward that i neglect my fish so much but he keeps surviving 
(( he is the best Beta fish ever, i have never kept a fish alive that long )) 
Awkward that i keep eating hot sauce on EVERYTHING
Awkward when i kiss my phone (because the boyfriend is on skype ) 
and people think I'm crazy
Awkward when people bag my groceries at the store
and i have no cash on me
and they have signs that say
"Baggers work for tips only"
Awkward i keep sleeping on the end of my bed 
and switching in the middle of the night
Awesome that i have awesome friends
Awesome that my awesome friends DVR shows for me
Awesome that my awesome friends cook calzones for me
Awesome that all of my homework is done for the weekend :)
Awesome that i am going to my first passion party tomorrow- woo hoo


Things that are Annoying:
((They all seem to be friends though))


  1. My sis had a Beta fish that I do believe she forgot to feed for an entire month...he lived, but I'm not convinced that he didn't suffer some mental problems because of it. :)

    And wait...I'm supposed to tip my bagger? Really? I never knew that. Perhaps it they marked down the Ho-Hos, I'd throw some quarters their way... :)

    You're so right. There's always the trifecta of homesick poverty. Just keep saving those will happen faster if you don't tip the baggers. :)

  2. i honestly convinced Beta fishes are the creature that thoroughly embodies survival of the fittest and they might all just be the fittest.

    i got creative with my homesickness and looks like from the blessing of friends and family. Home may finally be right around the corner :)


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