Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Lessons #-16 Book clubs are cool

Daily Lessons #-16 Book clubs are the cool thing

So my wonderful friend Chelsea over at Mommy lists and i have started
a book club inspired by her new Kindle

and our first read together is:

sooo cant wait to get my copy in the mail.

** it would be awesome if we got some book suggestions
you read along with us :D

So here is my struggle:
To Kindle or not to Kindle?
I love: reading. smelling the books. feelings the pages. seeing progress as i read and flip pages. getting the mail in the book. getting the used copies for cheap.
Dont love: I could be saving trees by using the kindle. the kindle books come ASAP. NO WAITING (which is a bummer because chelsea already started reading) 
so which to choose?

but if i did choose to kindle i would totally love any of these cases
TECHEE . Kindle 1 2 3, Nook, NookColor, Kobo, Sony, Galaxy Tab - eReader Techee - Techee Sleeve -  Birds on a Wire
Rouge Theory
Wind in the Willows Kindle 3 or Nook Sleeve
Danaswove's Shop
Piggy Mary Poppins - Padded Kindle 3 / Nook  Linen Pouch
I could hardly pick which pattern i wanted
Leather Kindle Sleeve. Woodland Chickadees Personalized.

eReader Cover Book Style Michael Miller Giraffe Garden in Gray

Ok i have to stop all this looking at cute cases
its making  me really want one.

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  1. I would suggest the last one, that opens like a book :) That's the kind I'm dying to get. But, if you just want something to protect it while you're not reading your little heart out, then a sleeve would suffice!


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