Monday, April 4, 2011

Is it the weekend yet?

I think i am going to start getting through Mondays
(( Really thinking of anything to make Mondays better )) 
by solely reminiscing on the weekend.

so here is the first
Weekend in Pictures

Yard sale outfit
No success at Yard sale
Besides looking cute :)

Duffys pizza
So good i might be obsessed 
Yummy Flat bread 
I hope your jealous
because this panini was amazing

Feet are gross
but i love pedicures
and this nail polish!

Cecils Cajun Kitchen
with lots of friends
made for an interesting night
Each others mirrors
I love asparagus
I love it even more fried
I have a passionate love for bacon
thus the fist on the table!

Its monday night..
that thankfully  means
 four more days until TGIF



  1. 1) I love the idea of fried asparagus.
    2) I tried to take a pic of my recent pedicure for a blog post this week, and after about 50 tries, I gave up. You really managed to pull it off:)

  2. Ha ha I soon realized the feet pictures maybe weren't meant to be. But at last hope this one looked semi-normal. Yay for pedicures!


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