Friday, December 30, 2011

Links to Love

A better you:
-->Bobble: You will drink more water, promise
-->Bry and i watched this documentary and got to thinking... 
     we should be a little more food conscious
     ((probably wont be dumpster diving anytime soon though))
-->My favorite magazine: Womens Health 
--> Make your own salt scrub

New Years stuff:
-->2012: I will make pretty, nummy, healthy food and Food Coma will help<--
--> Guide to the new year and 5 tips of how to keep the New Years Resolutions<--
-->New Years Punch<--
--> Write with sparklers<--

I would love to see this while shopping<--
Because i love her.. ooo Zooey D<--
I am NOT on the Tim Tebow bandwagon... thank you SNL for this skit <--

Happy friday all you lovely people!

Its all in the bag...

When i first started blogging people used to do these posts all the time
i miss them
So heres
Whats In MY Purse!
*sadly i found a lot of things that i was missing in my purse
and threw away many pointless receipts
and gum that was attached to my lipstick
this post was good for a little organizational moment in my life
and it reminded me how much i want a new purse, instead of this vortex

Whats in your purse?


Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Step Into My Wonderland

A few pics of the First Christmas 
Brian and I spent together:


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Food: Jalepeno Poppers

My boyfriend thanks me for cooking
and i thank Pinterest

I love Bacon
I love Jalepenos
and i love croissant rolls
lets mix it all together!

Jalepeno Poppers



New Tradition: Red Velvet Pancakes

I found this idea on Pinterest here
Red Velvet Pancakes on Christmas Morning
and now i want to make them every year
it was so much fun it do something really festive
and plus i got pots and pans for Christmas
i was a little excited to use them :)


Hope every one is enjoying the Holidays
I cant believe its almost the New Year


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Be Merry

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
laugh and love your friends and family
cherish the moments and make memories
eat too much food before you make resolutions 
take lots of pictures to relive christmas in July
and remember what today is all about


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Link Love For the Holidays!


As the countdown winds down
Here are some great links, ideas and blog posts 
that are great for the Christmas and the New Year

*Green Your Air: Cute little plants that make your home atmosphere healthier
*Life Planner:  My Friend over at Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles just got one of these amazing cooler then sliced bread planners... 
this is an OCD persons heaven on cute paper
so not just a planner or calendar
it really does have the capabilities of holding your life
*Kinfolk:  I wish i would have discovered this magazine in November and would have been perfectly set for holiday entertaining... 
* Blurb Books  Cute photo book for the holidays

New Year New You:
*From the Blog of A Lost Feather: Great look back at the past year
*From the Blog of Frock. Paper. Scissors: Great idea for challenging yourself to do 50 new things in the next year
*From the blog of What i Wore: So need to do this with my closet and future purchases
Mental note: Clean out the closet. make list of basic clothing items i need
From the blog of A Cup of Jo : Cheers to the New Year with proper etiquette

Mental Notes:
5 Tips for bloggers: As i continue to develop this blog i love refocusing my energy to make this little blog of mine come to life
5 Tips to Stay Inspired: I should probably read this every day
Moxee: Stop comparing yourself
(so happy i found this blog)

4 Days! 
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bubbly Tuesday: Finding a childhood favorite

i have found gold
Who knew Walgreens was holding out on me
This Tuesday is made better by bringing back a childhood favorite

Why i love them:
bite size
cute pictures on them
filled with chocolate
great on the go snack
i inhale them
they fit perfectly in the cup holder of my car :)

Whats is making your Tuesday better?


Monday, December 19, 2011

An idea for you and your sweetie

I told the boyfriend that i wanted a
One Line A Day Journal
for christmas in my stocking stuffer
and he came up with the great idea
that we both get one!

i never thought he would be into something like this 
but he suggested that we write in it every night together
and then after six months trade journals

we have only done one day
but it was so much fun to do this little activity of writing down one line

Next we are checking out the Smash books... cant wait to get one!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Early Gift...

I spotted this little wallet/phone case a few months ago
and told the mama about it
and the mama got it for me :)

I have only had it for two days
and almost every person that sees it loves it!

The picture doesn't do the wallet justice
but there is three card holding slots
that the little flap is covering

If you gotten your sister, mom or friend a present yet
i would so recommend this!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank you Pinterest

At first i was really hesitant about Pinterest
why in the world do we need another site for me to get addicted to
have another app on my phone
and waste countless hours on

ooooo was i wrong...
((well no all of the above happened))
 i have found so many great food ideas, clothing ideas, fitness tips, life advice, inspiring quotes, home decor and more

Here is something i just had to try
and when i say just had i mean i went to Walmart at 11 pm and got all the supplies
it takes ten minutes to prepare and ten minutes to cook
so easy i couldn't resist

Godfathers Dessert Pizza
Pinned Image
Pinterest Link Hereclick there for recipe measurements!

Here is what mine looked like:
Buy Pizza Dough
Spread it out
Melt Butter and Paint it on
Stab the dough
Sprinkle cinnamon on dough (not pictured here, but i did this)

Mix brown sugar
and flour
and oil
*crucial: remember vegetable oil or olive oil
unfortunately after my trip i realized i didn't have any
so i made due with melting butter and adding milk

Pour mixture onto dough
pop in the oven for ten minutes

Mix powdered sugar
and vanilla
thats it!
I wanted to see if chocolate chips would jazz it up... they didn't really melt very well
wouldn't recommend that
Put on pretty plate


You should try it!
 Tell me if you like it!
Or perhaps the boyfriend and i were just looking for a sugar rush

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cold Hands but Warm Hearts!

This year i decided to participate in the

Cold hands warm hearts swap!

I should have taken pictures of the package i got from Kaity 
but the excitement of opening the package got the better of me.
i have never been so excited to open a present in my life
it was so much fun to see what a complete blogging stranger 
would pick out for me out of three little questions i answered
and here are my fabulous gifts
(unfortunately i haven't taken an outfit picture with my gloves but that is soon to come)

These gloves are the long kind of gloves
that would go perfect with a cape jacket
now i have an excuse to get a cape jacket
thanks kaity ;)


Super cute headband to match my gloves!
Check out her new etsy shop
oooo and not pictured is the most delicious chapstick i have ever tasted!
its Chai tea! 
so perfect for me!

Thanks so much for my gifts Kaity
so happy to meet another blogger
and so happy to do this swap!
 Now that you have read about how much fun it is
you should do it next year!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ideas for the new home: Vanity

Dream Vanity

We are moving soon 
 i hope and pray and my are fingers crossed 
we have enough room for my to finally have a vanity

my own space 
for me
and my stuff junk
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