Friday, December 9, 2011

Some things i learned from tonsil surgery...

Lessons learned:

* I love food. 
I never realized how much food made me happy.
I love drinking pop. juice basically anything but 
hot water which is all i have been drinking these past few days
I love chips and salsa and crackers and apparently everything hard
I thought i liked soup
until day five
i learned i will cry after a certain amount of days of horrible food

* I love the support system i have around me. 
For listening to me whine. complain. cry and get out of bed ten times a night
For rushing home from work when i spit up some blood and didn't know what to do
For bringing me drugs. popsicles. italian freezes. chocolate shakes and anything soft to eat
For eating soup with me for a week because i cried that other people were able to eat real food

*This surgery was no joke
i have had my fair share of surgeries
(wisdom teeth. two ACL surgeries and two ear surgeries)
nothing came close to this pain
the first few days are great because you are in drug land
but Bobbi is afraid of constipation so she tries to be hardcore
and doesn't take drugs
insert crazy amount of pain here
i woke up three nights in a row crying because the pain was so bad
i felt like they hit my jaw with a hammer and punched my ear drum while taking out my tonsils

*Google is good and evil
After this surgery i was comforted by the MILLIONS of forums 
it was nice to know what other tricks people used and what they were able to eat
and how each one of their days were progressing
it gave me hope 
that the next day would get better
until the internet did what it does to most people
it made me paranoid
i began thinking something was wrong because my mouth didn't look like the pictures
and i wasn't progressing like others
my boyfriend cut me off from google

*Nothing lasts forever
at times you wonder if you will ever swallow without pain
or eat again
it is nice to know
in about 14 days your life will go through hell
but then you will be back :)

 I am on day 11. 
i had cereal today and that makes me super happy
if i cant eat anything else
i will settle with peanut butter captain crunch :)


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