Thursday, April 28, 2011

new look coming soon :)

Meaning hair!

i used to dye my hair quite often
prior to military life that is
where now i must only have hair colors that are natural
and i don't even think i am supposed to  do highlights
my fun hair life has halted
now i just do the blonde to brown swap
with the seasons

I am going to try blonde 
with a twist 

and am even possibly thinking of leaving it blonde for quite a while

Possibility #1: Kinda Ombre look (slightly darker bangs with blonde hair)

I love Sydneys hair from The Daybook

I like how she is rocking the Ombre look and yet it is still subtle

Possibility #2: Mix Mary Kate and Ashley together

Loving both of their hair colors here..
 now if i could just mix them together i think that would be perfecto!

Possibility #3: SJP

To all my friends and boyfriend.. they know i am slightly in love with 
Sex in the City and Sarah Jessica Parker

Currently my hair is dark brown with horrible regrowth
if the stylist does not feel like doing
Make over Bobbi day
( i pity the stylist that have to deal with me going from brown to blonde, 
the ones i see when i am going from blonde to brown have it easy )
i will gladly settle for this :)

So what do you think??
1,2 or 3??

My bestest is getting feathers put in her hair on monday
i freaked out at first
and was frightened
then i googled "feathers in hair"
and this adorable super awesome pic popped up
i approve!
i cant wait to see her hair when i go home!
(( promise to ambush her. take pics. then put them on here ))

Cant wait for hair on  Saturday @ 10

AA for the week

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward: That even though i live alone 
i can't go to the bathroom/shower with the door open
Awkward: Ruck marches with a knee brace
Awkward: Getting new perfume and loving it, 
while a guy at work says "someone smells like an air freashner"
Awkward: when a stranger makes a comment about my life 
and my reply makes me him bashful and hang his head low
Awkward: When the kid in front of me cried for 20 minutes straight at
a very busy post office.. i gave him a squished face looked 
and he stopped immediately


Awesome: Sending out birthday care packages
Awesome: Being inspired by blogs and the playlists -- Thanks everyone
Awesome: The hair appointment i am about to have
( a post will come shortly about this dilemma )
Awesome: I only have two more math classes :) Amen. 
( Still in the running to keep my 4.0 )
Awesome: Registering for Race for the Cure Twin Cities
Awesome: Planning out the most awesome trip home
Awesome: Having a goodbye lunch for someone tomorrow at work
at my favorite place
yay we are mandated to go to my favorite place :)

<3 Love AA

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

(( Jumping up and down ))

One week
Two days
i will be
for Three days
every day counts
when i know i will be smiling

and this song makes me happy about all of this

Some plans for home:
*bring home all clothes i don't want
*let my friends take all these clothes off my hands
*spend time with the G's (Grandparents)
*eat jimmy johns.caribou.noodles and company.potbelly 
maybe i wont have time to fit all of that in
*Have a healthy sleepover
(( tie dye shirts. wii fit. sushi. more to come ))
*Little bit of shopping
*Race for the Cure - soooo excited
*Lots and lots of pictures EVERYWHERE

So look forward to reading about this awesomeness.

Then the day after i get back 
I have the scary Soldier of the Month Board
( 6 High ranking military personal asks me millions of questions 
about EVERY aspect of the army from the past 200 years... AHHH )

Fingers crossed and positive thoughts about that would be 
much appreciated :)

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Silence Please

Speak Out By Not Speaking

I had no idea about this
But my bestest friend
is a huge supporter of Invisible Children

She explained why they weren't talking for 25 hours:
The money they raise goes towards helping establish communications
between villages that are affected by the LRA
that way if one village gets attacked they are able to radio 
to another to help them escape, take cover or stand ready

So this made me think of how am i going to help.
well i already talked today so thats not going to work
but i am going to put the word out

I guess this makes monday a little more interesting :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I just miss my peeps...

Being in the Army has defiantly made me more independent
but i don't think i will ever get used to holidays alone

This year was my first christmas, new years, valentines and now easter alone
Every one of these days SUCK
I try to make the best of it
but normally i just cant get over the fact that 
i am anywhere
but where i want to be
its hard to see everyone else happy with families or even boyfriends
((it doesn't help that my boyfriend is still in afghanistan for 6 months))

For some reason i normally make it worse for myself
by completely isolating myself
because it hurts even more to hang out with married couples and families
it is the lemon juice to my paper cut

i have developed a remedy:

cry for an hour or so
mope about it
vent to my beloved friend on the phone
nap for a few hours
wake up and realize the world is not ending
go get dominos and ice cream
love netflix
all is right in the world

after all
i'm a big kid now :)

i guess...

Friday, April 22, 2011


First of all
Yay Earth!
I hope everyone gets outside today
and says 
"Thanks Earth for providing everything i need and more
and for looking so beautiful while you do it
and i am sorry people keep continually chopping you down
and gutting you for the stupidest reasons"

This is my favorite quote about nature
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
-Native American Proverb

Today in honor of Earth Day
((and the fact that i am doing a little spring wardrobe shopping tomorrow))
I am de-cluttering!

Here is my plan of action:

1) Go through EVERY drawer
- Throw/shred papers i don't need
-File papers i do need
- organize

2) Try on EVERY piece of clothing i own
- See if it fits
- See if i even like it
- I already have a pile growing, the goal is to downsize by 10 more items

3) Clean room with all natural cleaning products :)

4) Go to the lake to enjoy the outdoors

I hope you take a second out of your day
just to say

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A to the A

Awkward and Awesome

Awkward is the knee brace i have to wear
new nickname "bionic women"
Awkward being cranky in the morning and unfortunately coworkers
seeing this
Awkward never knowing where i park my car
then smirking at my car when i find it
as if its the one moving on me
Awkward getting really excited to pull up to my car
when i left it in a parking lot all by itself
and saying out loud 
"OMG it looks like my car is smiling"
i promise im not 5
Awkward when people invite you along with your plans
and you really just have more fun hanging out
with yourself


Awesome it is thursday and i don't have work on friday or monday
 Awesome that i set up a Gofundme website 
and got enough people to donate in one week 
for me to be reach my goal
Awesome i passed a room inspection 
without even cleaning 
Awesome is how happy Passion Fruit Teas make me 
Awesome i just layed on my bed to take a nap
and just woke up
AHH its 1030!
Awesome is the weekend i am about to have:
being lazy at the beach
as you can tell 
laying low is my mission

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