Thursday, April 28, 2011

AA for the week

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward: That even though i live alone 
i can't go to the bathroom/shower with the door open
Awkward: Ruck marches with a knee brace
Awkward: Getting new perfume and loving it, 
while a guy at work says "someone smells like an air freashner"
Awkward: when a stranger makes a comment about my life 
and my reply makes me him bashful and hang his head low
Awkward: When the kid in front of me cried for 20 minutes straight at
a very busy post office.. i gave him a squished face looked 
and he stopped immediately


Awesome: Sending out birthday care packages
Awesome: Being inspired by blogs and the playlists -- Thanks everyone
Awesome: The hair appointment i am about to have
( a post will come shortly about this dilemma )
Awesome: I only have two more math classes :) Amen. 
( Still in the running to keep my 4.0 )
Awesome: Registering for Race for the Cure Twin Cities
Awesome: Planning out the most awesome trip home
Awesome: Having a goodbye lunch for someone tomorrow at work
at my favorite place
yay we are mandated to go to my favorite place :)

<3 Love AA

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