Monday, May 30, 2011

enjoy the moments

This weekend has been a roller coaster
beautiful weather
and a wonderful day with friends at the beach
a lazy day of movies and crafting
a great hiking day a state park near by 
and then news that i have feared for a long time
my grandmas battle with cancer
may no longer be a battle
as they have ran out of options to help her
so the past few days has been phone calls
back and forth
and crying and more crying

I have HOPE tattooed on my wrist
i got the tattoo with my mom for my grandma
she has been battling cancer for 15 years 
we have always been hopeful
and i am still going to be hopeful 
that a miracle can happen
and save the miracle that happened to me

Thank you for being the wonderful woman that you are
for taking me in and raising me as your own
The inner strength you have 
will always inspire towards
Despite the news this weekend has brought us
it can never stop us from praying or hoping

I love you!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feathers everywhere

Since the Army likes to stomp on my creative parade
i wont be able to get feathers in my hair. sad face :(
but maybe i will just wear them every where else

Celebrity Feather Earrings 2011

First of all 
ASOS Nude Feather Clutch



Knotted Feather Necklace
Forever 21

Pyrite Feather Earring
Tribal Feather Earring
((These are my favorite))

and maybe these rings...
Feather Ring

So if i buy all of these things i think i will be able to live 
with the fact that i cant put feathers directly in my hair
happy face. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who knew..

Sometimes i think i am that person that is
living under a rock

who knew that Hulu
was so freakin amazing
really who would ever pay for cable 
when Hulu is around

I have watched a few things on Hulu in the past
but now i am addicted

Todays addiction was
The Voice
(( Fun show
 i am kind of sick of american idol
 so this is a good spin ))
I watched all that Hulu had of it
Hulu even told me to take a break after 3 hours

However while watching The Voice
was on singing for their lives
and they are just this super cute married couple
whom i now adore
and i am sad they didnt make it
but i will buy their cd

((This is the song they played on the show. Love it.))

So heres some tunes for your sunday :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Do what YOU love

I feel like i have this weird inner battle of introvert extrovert
I love my alone time
and then i love dinner parties, game night, going to the club
I often say no to hanging out because i love being alone
but then I am often the one who organizes
and gets everyone together

Maybe this is normal.

Today i was supposed to go to Mudfest for the weekend
which was a scary commitment 
because there goes my whole weekend
sometimes i have a really hard time saying no
i want to make people happy

last night i totally said i would go
and as i was packing
i was like talking to myself
in my head of course
and said...

"Or you could have a me day/weekend 
and do your favorite things
-hodges state garden
-driving range
-sex in the city marathon
-popcorn and pickles
-countless hours of internet loving
-craft time
-window shopping
-and more..."

So obviously now Mudfest sounded lame
why do i need to pay 40 dollas to get dirty 
and drive around in a truck for three days

So this weekend i intend to do all those things i love
take pictures of it all
and report back :)

:) the beach in Florida

Happy Memorial Weekend
and go do what you love!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Its a love hate thing

Truly i have a love hate relationship
Mickey D's

I love the fries
my mouth waters for them
i am a sodium feen 
its a bit ridiculous
you would think i am pregnant 
the way i crave them
(im not)
then afterwards
i feel like i should work out for four hours
and fast from Mickey Ds for life

So Mickey D's and i compromised today
they brought the goods
 and i didnt have to work out for hours

Thank you Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Look how cute the lemon guy is. 
aww <3

But really it was a great summer pick me up
it was blasted hot today
and this drink 
revitalized me
and i didnt feel like i was drinking toxic waste
(normal Mcdonalds outcome)

As my friend said
"It tastes like Summer"
(o chelsea)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time flies...

I cant believe i went home 
two weeks ago!
i got so side tracked
in putting up some pictures
(and sending out thank you's
 for everyone who helped me get home)
of what an AMAZING time i had.

So prepare yourself for an explosion of pictures
and a peak into my home life
on steroids since i only had 
three days to do everything

 Main Mission:
 i went home for mothers day
and to do race for the cure
but that going to be a whole separate post!

Mission #1: See the amigas
These are my bestest of friends
the reason for the word

(look at her feathers!)

At the Cafeteria 
super cool 


(We had a health sleepover + some mexican dining)

and her peanut, Alea

(she is modeling already)

All three of us <3

These two help me through anything and everything

Mission #2: Eat 
I try to fit in all my favorite foods:

First the G's make some killer pancakes

Leeann Chin

Jimmy Johns

Noodles and Company


So nummy.
its torture i have to live with out this

Mission #3: Shop 
I try to shop a lot
because in fashion land
Minneapolis > Leesville

 Charming Charlie
(massive accessory store you could potentially get lost in)

All together I got two cute skirts. comfy linen type pants. 
the new pink fedora. pink ked type shoes (only $8)
pink jewelry

 Mission #4: Smoother my puppy with love
I love to spend quality time with the pup, Scooter
i was really sad to come home
and find out
i dont think my pup remembers me
i did find out 
i have been replaced by him and he eats better then me

It was a wonderful trip home and i am so happy i got to go

Theres no place like home :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hats make me happy

I love that line from Under the Tuscan Sun
(which i watch over and over again)
when the older blonde character, Katherine says
"Hats make me happy"

So a while ago i was on the hunt for my summer hat
and success
i found it when i went home to Minnesota
figures it would be hiding 2000 miles away from me

Here it is:

Love it

Everyone loves a fedora


Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

A little reminder


Everyone needs a little reminder of the most basic things
be yourself
laugh often and love much
live with passion
follow your dreams
imagine peace
count your blessings

I would literally love a bracelet for each one of these saying

so go to the website and you can pick your color leather, 
the saying you want, 
and if you want studs or not 
and they have tons of different bracelet designs

This is my wish list so far :)

Love these necklaces too!

metal Disk Necklace

metal Disk Necklace

Daily Lessons #-27 Love all your life

Lately i had a tid bit of stupid drama in my life with some "friends"
and as much as it sucks 
because drama sucks
i learned something

I really want to go forth
Love all my life

I just want to be nicer 
and kind to everyone
why talk bad about people
what motivates people to be mean
why do it?
no one likes to be talked about
so why talk about others
why make fun of people
why say something you cant back up 
or be willing to take a stand on

life is hard
we should all be here to lift each other up
not make life any harder

So thats my goal
no more gossip
no more drama

Just peace and love 

i just really want some hippie love

Thursday, May 19, 2011

AA for the week

Awkward and Awesome

Awkward at work i sat in grease... i then had to scrub my pants to get it off
the grease laughed at me and obviously did not come off
Awkward today i have 24 hours duty
around 3 am i am going to be doing that embarrassing head bob thing 
when you are dozing off and wake up due to your head falling ha ha
Awkward some of my good friends... hulu/netflix/bravo tv/ mtv tv
Awkward i sent my boyfriend a package 
and accidentally put in an aerosol can
its probably going to blow up now... : /

Awesome = thursday latelies on bex's style blog 
She introduced me to The Civil Wars = Great duo
Awesome the nummy smoothies i have been making lately.
 (Romaine lettuce + bananas + strawberries + lil bit o chocolate )
Awesome is my super cool new word. 
((if this word already exist, lets pretend i made it up))
Friend + Sister = Friendster
you know for those super special friends
(I have two that i will be introducing soon)
Awesome i am taking the final of class i just started two days ago.
thats what i call fast track
(ha really the class is computer applications...
 who doesn't know how to change font in word , 
i shouldn't be paying 638 dollars for this)

Happy Thursday!
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