Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who knew..

Sometimes i think i am that person that is
living under a rock

who knew that Hulu
was so freakin amazing
really who would ever pay for cable 
when Hulu is around

I have watched a few things on Hulu in the past
but now i am addicted

Todays addiction was
The Voice
(( Fun show
 i am kind of sick of american idol
 so this is a good spin ))
I watched all that Hulu had of it
Hulu even told me to take a break after 3 hours

However while watching The Voice
was on singing for their lives
and they are just this super cute married couple
whom i now adore
and i am sad they didnt make it
but i will buy their cd

((This is the song they played on the show. Love it.))

So heres some tunes for your sunday :)

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