Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Too personal?

Normally not one to talk about this..

Recently watched 
and occasionally Brittany Murphy
is on screen looking fabulous
in the cutest little bras and underwear

and i thought...
maybe i should be a little more sophisticated 
in that department
i normally wear sports bras everyday
and a uniform
but i think i would feel better
if i was wearing some cute little

 these adorable bras seem
to be popping up in my email every where

The Balconette Bra

click for Larger View

Only $25 at aerie

ASOS Boudoir Sarah Stitch Detail Balconette Bra

Mimi Holliday Jolie Polka Dot Padded Balconette Bra

((This website has TONS of cute ones
and i'm not going to keep putting up pictures of girls in bras ha ha))

 I like them 
because they seem to 
embody femininity to me
so now i must buy one 
and report back

Have you tried them?

1 comment:

  1. The middle one is really cute. It's fun to wear a special bra sometimes, it definitely makes a different. Good luck picking one out!


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