Friday, May 27, 2011

Do what YOU love

I feel like i have this weird inner battle of introvert extrovert
I love my alone time
and then i love dinner parties, game night, going to the club
I often say no to hanging out because i love being alone
but then I am often the one who organizes
and gets everyone together

Maybe this is normal.

Today i was supposed to go to Mudfest for the weekend
which was a scary commitment 
because there goes my whole weekend
sometimes i have a really hard time saying no
i want to make people happy

last night i totally said i would go
and as i was packing
i was like talking to myself
in my head of course
and said...

"Or you could have a me day/weekend 
and do your favorite things
-hodges state garden
-driving range
-sex in the city marathon
-popcorn and pickles
-countless hours of internet loving
-craft time
-window shopping
-and more..."

So obviously now Mudfest sounded lame
why do i need to pay 40 dollas to get dirty 
and drive around in a truck for three days

So this weekend i intend to do all those things i love
take pictures of it all
and report back :)

:) the beach in Florida

Happy Memorial Weekend
and go do what you love!

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