The real name:

The shortened name:

The fun name:

The username for everything:
(dont hack my stuff)

All of these names are partly because no one knows how to spell me name.
Really anything but Bobby is fine with me

I have always craved creativity. 
I love the way i feel when i am around art, crafts, music, performers and the hip new trends.
Blogging helps me connect to all of that.

This blog started as a way for me to document my "cool" life.
but really... 
I didn't have a cool life when it started

I am in the army and do not live in the most "trendy"
or art scene advantaged town.
(( really I'm in one of those towns where if you blink.. you have missed it ))

This blog was going to help me explore
and see that no matter where you are at
there is beauty and life all around.

So far its worked!

I also have found that the saying
"You learn something new everyday"
really is true.
That's why my theme is: 
Daily lessons
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