Monday, July 18, 2011

Read: Stolen Life

Stolen Life is the book about Jaycee Dugard's capture and survival.
I highly recommend this book ( i read it in one day)
i couldn't put it down 
i was entranced
and it was all i could talk about over the weekend
I would say this book is an easy read but really there is nothing easy about reading this book
what she had to go through is unimaginable to the human mind
I felt that i had to continue reading because she endured this at the young age of 11 
i should be able to read her story
The style of the book is captivating
She sets you in the time and place of what happened back on that day of being captured and there after
but also has reflection pieces where she pulls her self out and discusses how she feels about these moments now
Her strength, courage and mental will power amaze me


Friday, July 15, 2011

Sweet Rocker

I have been searching for a lace dress for quite some time
the search has been fruitful
my budget not so much
so here i make a collage about it
to feel like it is in my life
until the money comes rolling in at the new job
((i did just get a new job for my fashion wants))

and the boots would just be bad A!
Sweet Rocker

Thursday Latelies... o wait its friday

so last week i was moving and life was hectic and i had no time
 to do a Thursday Latelies post
and im not gonna lie 
can wait to watch everyone's
and link up here to do your own Thursday Latelies!

I might have said late or lately no less then 400 times..

Now which case to choose?

Happy Friday Loves!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Woop Woop AA

Awkward and Awesomeness Time!

Awkward i woke up with my ceiling leaking the other day
and it ruined my super cute breakfast n bed tray
the reason why i was mad because it got the bottom of my pants wet
not the fact that there was a huge puddle in my room
Awkward i encouraged the plumbers to destroy my room
 in hopes that i could get a new one
Awkward i got the small pox vaccine this week
i tried to fight it/make a deal/ take a rain check
the Army said no
awkward part is realizing i have no control over me anymore
or what shots i get and when i get them
Awkward i have to only where regular short sleeve shirts
and i went "small pox shirt shopping"
Awkward my knee swelled up and looked like a grapefruit
still waiting on knee surgery....
Awkward i already tried to buy a kindle this week,
 but i got scared of charging it all
so i waited until pay day so i could put some cash-o-la on it


i am brave enough today
Awesome im done with boards for a while and can just relax
Awesome i saw bridesmaid again at the discount theatre 
and might have died laughing more then the first time
(cant wait for the DVD)
Awesome i have tomorrow off
Awesome i got my mini cupcake maker.. now i just have to make them
Awesome today for work we are staging a work environment
 then having a BBQ behind it
Awesome = i love the instagram app
Awesome num the perfect super sugary summer treat.. Birthday Cake Shake

Have a Beautiful Thursday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Everyone has those weeks 
where everything in the world happens at once
i had to move in two days
live out of my car for a second
studying for a board
physically prepare for a board
and a million other things
then do the board
which was exhausting and amen its over

relaxation is bliss 
and Im enjoying every fiber of my soft zebra snuggie as i lay in bed 
and the only thing i can think of is how i make more room even more comfy
(( When Urban Outfitters sent me their email today, 
i thought i must buy a million more pillows))

so i just never have to move
to help with this 
i think Im going to bite the bullet and get a kindle within the next few days
even less reason to go anywhere
book suggestions?

cheers to the hectic chunk being over
amen to the relaxing chunk of time moving in 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awk and Awe


Awkward i was told i have to move in less then 48 hours
Awkward i pack all my stuff and realized they didnt tell me where my new room would be
Awkward i go look at this new room and it is infested with mold, dirt and garbage
Awkward the Army thinks this is ok and i should be fine with this
Awkward is how mad i was about this
and publicly flipped out on many a people
Awkward i just vented through awkwards ha ha
Awkward is the movie How Do You Know
 im perplexed.. i still dont know if i like it or not
Awkward my ginormo blisters killing my foot
Awkward how much ice cream i have been eating lately
Awkward finding out my knee problem isnt just my meniscus its my ACL too..
Awkward the surgeon has only done this new operation on 6 other people in the country.. 
i would be number 7..
a wee bit nervous about that


Awesome i have great friends to make me feel better about my crappy moving days
Awesome i played darts tonight and was actually good
i got two bullseyes in a row
Awesome i rucked four miles this morning
Awesome im hoping moving will be a chance for me to start redecorating
Awesome how cute the puppies they sell on the side of the road are
Awesome i started a recycling program and people are actually doing it
Awesome that its almost the weekend and i cant wait for a lazy weekend of nothingness
(may go look at some antique furniture)

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make over.. small room edition

I live in the barracks 
which is the same as 
a tiny bit bigger then a studio
with no full size fridge or stove

i just found out today that we are moving
so i think i should sophisticate my room a bit
and i am starting with ideas for rugs and end tables...
what do you think?
Make over.. small room edition

Monday, July 4, 2011

To the colors

I love this day
I love the spirit that everyone has about our country
and how we all come together
I love the beach, the BBQs and the fireworks
I love wearing Red White and Blue :)

Happy 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011


The reason i bought this shirt:
summer heat is unbearable in Louisiana
and these mesh see through kind of shirts are perfecto!

Its friday! Its friday! its friday!
no work for four whole days :)
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