Monday, July 18, 2011

Read: Stolen Life

Stolen Life is the book about Jaycee Dugard's capture and survival.
I highly recommend this book ( i read it in one day)
i couldn't put it down 
i was entranced
and it was all i could talk about over the weekend
I would say this book is an easy read but really there is nothing easy about reading this book
what she had to go through is unimaginable to the human mind
I felt that i had to continue reading because she endured this at the young age of 11 
i should be able to read her story
The style of the book is captivating
She sets you in the time and place of what happened back on that day of being captured and there after
but also has reflection pieces where she pulls her self out and discusses how she feels about these moments now
Her strength, courage and mental will power amaze me


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  1. This is really high on my reading list too. She is such an amazing survivor. I am captivated.



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