Thursday, July 7, 2011

Awk and Awe


Awkward i was told i have to move in less then 48 hours
Awkward i pack all my stuff and realized they didnt tell me where my new room would be
Awkward i go look at this new room and it is infested with mold, dirt and garbage
Awkward the Army thinks this is ok and i should be fine with this
Awkward is how mad i was about this
and publicly flipped out on many a people
Awkward i just vented through awkwards ha ha
Awkward is the movie How Do You Know
 im perplexed.. i still dont know if i like it or not
Awkward my ginormo blisters killing my foot
Awkward how much ice cream i have been eating lately
Awkward finding out my knee problem isnt just my meniscus its my ACL too..
Awkward the surgeon has only done this new operation on 6 other people in the country.. 
i would be number 7..
a wee bit nervous about that


Awesome i have great friends to make me feel better about my crappy moving days
Awesome i played darts tonight and was actually good
i got two bullseyes in a row
Awesome i rucked four miles this morning
Awesome im hoping moving will be a chance for me to start redecorating
Awesome how cute the puppies they sell on the side of the road are
Awesome i started a recycling program and people are actually doing it
Awesome that its almost the weekend and i cant wait for a lazy weekend of nothingness
(may go look at some antique furniture)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. *tear* I wish I could go antique-ing with you. Is that even a word? If so... that's a toughy to spell.

    Love you friendster. Keep your chin up... I am so sorry about your current living conditions :(


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