Thursday, July 14, 2011

Woop Woop AA

Awkward and Awesomeness Time!

Awkward i woke up with my ceiling leaking the other day
and it ruined my super cute breakfast n bed tray
the reason why i was mad because it got the bottom of my pants wet
not the fact that there was a huge puddle in my room
Awkward i encouraged the plumbers to destroy my room
 in hopes that i could get a new one
Awkward i got the small pox vaccine this week
i tried to fight it/make a deal/ take a rain check
the Army said no
awkward part is realizing i have no control over me anymore
or what shots i get and when i get them
Awkward i have to only where regular short sleeve shirts
and i went "small pox shirt shopping"
Awkward my knee swelled up and looked like a grapefruit
still waiting on knee surgery....
Awkward i already tried to buy a kindle this week,
 but i got scared of charging it all
so i waited until pay day so i could put some cash-o-la on it


i am brave enough today
Awesome im done with boards for a while and can just relax
Awesome i saw bridesmaid again at the discount theatre 
and might have died laughing more then the first time
(cant wait for the DVD)
Awesome i have tomorrow off
Awesome i got my mini cupcake maker.. now i just have to make them
Awesome today for work we are staging a work environment
 then having a BBQ behind it
Awesome = i love the instagram app
Awesome num the perfect super sugary summer treat.. Birthday Cake Shake

Have a Beautiful Thursday!

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