Monday, January 9, 2012

Read: Unbearable Lightness


A good friend of mine recommended this book to me a while ago
she said she devoured the book
i bought it
and was slightly skeptical reading an actresses autobiography 
i *devoured it as well
i literally read this whole book in less then 24 hours

Portia de Rossi has an amazing story with her eating disorder and her recovery
It is unbelievable to read her rationale for her actions and what those actions lead to
I couldn't put the book down until i finished it!

Highly Highly Recommend it!
Any books you devoured lately?!

*devour is my term for those super good reads 
that engulf you and lead you to forget the rest of the world is happening
because you are so entranced and absorbed


Friday, January 6, 2012

Links to take you into the weekend...

Wether you planning or dreaming... Wedding Book
Haven't found a church i like in the new location so this book may help... Prodigal God
Because i need a little fashion help to focus the wardrobe and get pieces that mix and match
Just finished A Place of Yes by Bethany Frankel: Great book, super easy read and motivating

Valentines Day Ideas:
((Bless her heart from how much work this is going to be))
send in your pictures to Busy Bee Lauren for Vday
Possible gift idea: Vibrams.. They are red and black at least

Office stuff 
(( because i'm a nerd ))
Perfect 2012 Wall Calendar
The pocket on this planner makes me want to find receipts to put in it
TABS: love the color, perfect for dividing notebooks
For the LONG TO DO list
One of my New Years Resolutions is to write my sister every month: Solution is this stationary

Happy Friday
Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Everyone LOVES their own initials
we monogram EVERYTHING
but this year i received an awesome present 
from my best friend
(Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles)

this wrap around bracelet
and the button has her initials on it

She said she did it so when i looked down 
i would know that she is thinking about me
and our friendship
and how i used to call her "CT"
i wanted to cry
and besides loving this bracelet because its so cute
i wear it all the time
because its kind of comforting to look down and know she is right there

I am totally thinking about doing this for my sister or my other friends
love the idea
CT.. You are a genius :)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jan One

*Some one said Jan One on the NPR the other day
i think it sounds so weird
is it that hard to say January first?


How to create a perfect night:


Friday, December 30, 2011

Links to Love

A better you:
-->Bobble: You will drink more water, promise
-->Bry and i watched this documentary and got to thinking... 
     we should be a little more food conscious
     ((probably wont be dumpster diving anytime soon though))
-->My favorite magazine: Womens Health 
--> Make your own salt scrub

New Years stuff:
-->2012: I will make pretty, nummy, healthy food and Food Coma will help<--
--> Guide to the new year and 5 tips of how to keep the New Years Resolutions<--
-->New Years Punch<--
--> Write with sparklers<--

I would love to see this while shopping<--
Because i love her.. ooo Zooey D<--
I am NOT on the Tim Tebow bandwagon... thank you SNL for this skit <--

Happy friday all you lovely people!

Its all in the bag...

When i first started blogging people used to do these posts all the time
i miss them
So heres
Whats In MY Purse!
*sadly i found a lot of things that i was missing in my purse
and threw away many pointless receipts
and gum that was attached to my lipstick
this post was good for a little organizational moment in my life
and it reminded me how much i want a new purse, instead of this vortex

Whats in your purse?


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