Friday, December 30, 2011

Links to Love

A better you:
-->Bobble: You will drink more water, promise
-->Bry and i watched this documentary and got to thinking... 
     we should be a little more food conscious
     ((probably wont be dumpster diving anytime soon though))
-->My favorite magazine: Womens Health 
--> Make your own salt scrub

New Years stuff:
-->2012: I will make pretty, nummy, healthy food and Food Coma will help<--
--> Guide to the new year and 5 tips of how to keep the New Years Resolutions<--
-->New Years Punch<--
--> Write with sparklers<--

I would love to see this while shopping<--
Because i love her.. ooo Zooey D<--
I am NOT on the Tim Tebow bandwagon... thank you SNL for this skit <--

Happy friday all you lovely people!

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