Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cold Hands but Warm Hearts!

This year i decided to participate in the

Cold hands warm hearts swap!

I should have taken pictures of the package i got from Kaity 
but the excitement of opening the package got the better of me.
i have never been so excited to open a present in my life
it was so much fun to see what a complete blogging stranger 
would pick out for me out of three little questions i answered
and here are my fabulous gifts
(unfortunately i haven't taken an outfit picture with my gloves but that is soon to come)

These gloves are the long kind of gloves
that would go perfect with a cape jacket
now i have an excuse to get a cape jacket
thanks kaity ;)


Super cute headband to match my gloves!
Check out her new etsy shop
oooo and not pictured is the most delicious chapstick i have ever tasted!
its Chai tea! 
so perfect for me!

Thanks so much for my gifts Kaity
so happy to meet another blogger
and so happy to do this swap!
 Now that you have read about how much fun it is
you should do it next year!



  1. I'm soooo doing this next year!

  2. how fun to get christmas music and other goodies!! thanks for participating in the swap!! xo

  3. Chai Tea chapstick? Awesome! And that floral applique on the gloves is so cute!

  4. love the idea of the christmas music and such a cute headband!!! this post was too cute - glad you had fun! thanks for joining!!!


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