Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Link Love For the Holidays!


As the countdown winds down
Here are some great links, ideas and blog posts 
that are great for the Christmas and the New Year

*Green Your Air: Cute little plants that make your home atmosphere healthier
*Life Planner:  My Friend over at Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles just got one of these amazing cooler then sliced bread planners... 
this is an OCD persons heaven on cute paper
so not just a planner or calendar
it really does have the capabilities of holding your life
*Kinfolk:  I wish i would have discovered this magazine in November and would have been perfectly set for holiday entertaining... 
* Blurb Books  Cute photo book for the holidays

New Year New You:
*From the Blog of A Lost Feather: Great look back at the past year
*From the Blog of Frock. Paper. Scissors: Great idea for challenging yourself to do 50 new things in the next year
*From the blog of What i Wore: So need to do this with my closet and future purchases
Mental note: Clean out the closet. make list of basic clothing items i need
From the blog of A Cup of Jo : Cheers to the New Year with proper etiquette

Mental Notes:
5 Tips for bloggers: As i continue to develop this blog i love refocusing my energy to make this little blog of mine come to life
5 Tips to Stay Inspired: I should probably read this every day
Moxee: Stop comparing yourself
(so happy i found this blog)

4 Days! 
Happy Wednesday!

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