Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Latelies

The best part about this 
is probably how my face is froze...
so embarrassing

 from bobbie erdman on Vimeo.

Happy Thursday!
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A to the A

Hello lovelies!
its thursday!
sooooo that means...

Awkward how much i sweat in this ridiculous heat
Awkward paying cell phone insurance in case my phone breaks... too bad i have an Iphone and it isnt covered, so this company has been ripping me off for a year!
 (check you bank statements!)
Awkward i washed my camelback water bottle, filled it all up and got ready for my work out, then tasted soap... bleh
Awkward how gross the Taco Bell XXL Burrito is. ew.
Awkward my boyfriend in afghanistan finally read my blog for the first time
Awesome my boyfriend read my blog and left a cutesie comment :)
Awesome i won another board and got another shinny coin
Awesome i ordered another black bandeau swimsuit 
(Fingers crossed this one comes and the order doesnt get deleted!!)
Awesome its a long weekend and i cant wait to enjoy summer activities
(like: the lake, car races, fireworks, friends, partays and enjoy the sun)
Awesome the pink and coral nail polish i just bought
Awesome that life is wonderful and splendid and im loving every second
 (even if im stressed i love it)
Awesome hopefully my AE order gets shipped tomorrow and i get to wear my new summer duds for the weekend :)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Get the Ox

Get a little prep in your step
The next essential item to my wardrobe is one of these pairs of oxford shoes
i want to make the oxford my new casual shoe
they are classy and simple
and will go with everything!
Plus i need one of these shirts to complete the look
(Really love the lower right one)
Get the Ox

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a staple piece

i want a staple ring
not a ring.

i want a ring that i bought for me
that is fun yet boring enough for the Army to accept it

I havent decided yet if it will be a thumb ring or what finger...

Here is what i have come up with:

Jessica Elliot Twisted Floating Horseshoe Ring in Silver Shade
max and chloe

sterling coach signet ring

signature c stacked rings
miranda enamel signature ring

these two are just for fun :)
cool just found out my Caps lock or shift no longer works...
aye i need a new computer


And a few animals...

Antique silver zebra ring. <br /><br /><i>"The zebra is such a rare, beautiful specimen. Each one's stripes unique from any other, just like the RRR girl."</i>-RRGold and black plated metal ladybug ring.<br /><br /><i>"I love surrounding myself with things that bring good energy. The ladybug is a sign of good luck when one lands on you so why not wear one all the time."</i>-RROwl ring with adjustable band. A favorite trait of mine is intelligence. <br /><br /><i>"I try to surround myself with wise old souls that I can learn from like my owl friend."</i>-RR

so which one?
or two?
or three?

Monday, June 27, 2011

I cant believe...

I used to think that tucking in shirts was SO lame and so 80 year old gramdma
now i do it
I used to think center parts were just not me
now i do it
I used to think belts were awkward and chunky
now i wear them

All three of these things collided into a casual nautical outfit
that was perfect for a sunday picnic
starbucks run
and a bbq/game night with friends

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Online shopping... FAIL

I love online shopping
for the ease
and ample time to browse

I HATE online shopping
when this happens:

my beloved super cheap swimsuit
is not coming
because the order "magically" got deleted
i have been driving to the post office 
checking to see if my new favorite swimsuit had arrived
then finally 
i called AE today
and they said the order had been deleted and they are now SOLD OUT
so depressing
now i just look at my other swimsuits in shame
they will never live up to the greatness that this little black suit was going to be

so what did i do...
i splurged and bought tons of other cute things from AE
** including the cute drawstring bag
and balconette bra!
and they better come!!!

still on the hunt for a cute bandeau swimsuit... ideas?

Way to go TOMS

So i was already thinking about buying some wayfarer type looking sunglasses
probably go with the classic Ray Ban
Toms now has SUNGLASSES
and its the same concept of One for One
I think they are adorable too!
I was going to be spend this much money on Ray Bans
I should just buy the TOMS!!


So cute!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Latelies

Thursday Latelies

 bobbie on Vimeo.


* sorry i am yellow.. that is the strongest little lamp ever in the background

* Pie N' the Sky's Girl talk-- Tattoo inspiration

* Love Life Lace ( i think i said it wrong in the video) -- not reduce social interaction.. i meant social networking. but an awesome post. 
really makes you think

and have fun with Thursday Latelies!!

Almost the weeeknd = : )

I need AA


AWKWARD i got new boots for work.
 i was so excited about them i pranced around all night wearing them and dancing in them while hanging out with friends.
AWKWARD all my friends are ridiculously good at darts. 
im happy to make it on the board :)
AWKWARD face peeling, im a snake 


AWESOME i didnt have the soldier of the quarter board this week
so more time to study + less stress = awesome
AWESOME new boots and uniform, i look all spiffy
AWESOME summer nights. i swear there is something in the air
that makes me want to go out EVERY night and do something
((plus it makes ft.polk so much better))
monday = Super 8
tuesday = Green Lantern
wednesday = 50 cent wing night and comedy shows
and who knows what else is in store
AWESOME when you have no paddles for ping pong
play Hand Ball :)
its is really fun and a great workout
AWESOME this was an easy schmeezy week
and i looooooove it 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rain Gear

Inspired by a day of rain
and really wishing i had rain boots 
to go play in the rain
or survive the massive puddles
i created a rain gear wish list :)
Rain Gear

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bargain success

While browsing online i stumbled across gold
well bargain gold,
i found a cute drawstring bag for CHEAP!
i knew i have always been fond of AE for a reason
they deliver the goods

it may not be the cute mint color
but the gray/grey is pretty versatile
and compared to Coachs price of $178 this one is only $24.95
i truly feel like i successfully did some bargain shopping
and i always check out See Chloe Shop blog 
for discount codes
so i got an extra 15% OFF :)

So its a happy monday people!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ah im late..

Thursday latelies
one day late :)

Its your turn!

Go to Bex... Style Diary and link up my friends :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday .1

Since i am doing two things every thursday i need a snazzy name 
or maybe put both things together and have it called
"Thursday Madness/ Mayhem?
"The Thursday Times/Thoughts"

AWKWARD today i showed signs of alzheimer's. 
i was thinking something and apparently said it out loud 
and when everyone react i was so confused
 as to how they knew what i was thinking.. 
really i just have no memory of actually saying it out loud... im 20...
AWKWARD I got my hair colored and it was so damaged.. 
i was shedding or massively balding as she brushed my hair... im 20...
AWKWARD i got my hair colored and im pretty sure its slightly green and 
no one wants to tell me

AWESOME Tada i won soldier of the quarter 
and got a pretty Battalion coin
AWESOME I have tomorrow off
and everyone else have to do inventory
(which is death in this heat)
and i plan on going to the lake. Yay me

AWESOME i finally ordered this swimsuit at AE

and now its only $11.95 a peice :)

Happy Thursday!
Cheers to almost Friday!
and then fingers crossed i don't have to work this weekend
so i actually get a weekend!

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