Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday part two


1) Mio/water
3) Pandora/ new artists 
(i think i cant say the word artist in the video hahaha)
4) Reeses minis/chocolate pick me up

I did Thursday Latelies

Two thumbs up 


  1. I drink a ton of water. You are totally's funny how much better you feel by just changing what you drink. Our son is deployed in Iraq. He is in the Air Force. It's so hard. We never realized how hard it would be but trying so hard to be positive because that's what he needs! Have a great week!

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  3. I've seen commercials for that Mio stuff but I've never tried it.
    And those mini Reeses, I need to get my hands on some of those asap ;)
    It is so awesome to hear that you have a new found happiness and appreciation for your life! That is so encouraging to hear!
    I know your job is a tough one. My dad served 20+ years In the Army and spent the last 2 years in Afghanistan and Kuwait before he retired in 2003.
    Its tough and I only understand from a daughters perspective. I can not imagine from a first hand perspective how challenging your job is. Please know how grateful I am for your dedication and service to our Great country. What you selfless soldiers do for us civilians should never be taken for granted. You Rock!!


  4. Aw Bex- thank you for the kind words. Its an honor to serve and im happy people like your father have paved the way for me.

    Nicole- i havent been deployed but my boyfriend is and i know positivity and smiles are the best presents for him! i hope your son comes home soon!


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