Thursday, June 30, 2011

A to the A

Hello lovelies!
its thursday!
sooooo that means...

Awkward how much i sweat in this ridiculous heat
Awkward paying cell phone insurance in case my phone breaks... too bad i have an Iphone and it isnt covered, so this company has been ripping me off for a year!
 (check you bank statements!)
Awkward i washed my camelback water bottle, filled it all up and got ready for my work out, then tasted soap... bleh
Awkward how gross the Taco Bell XXL Burrito is. ew.
Awkward my boyfriend in afghanistan finally read my blog for the first time
Awesome my boyfriend read my blog and left a cutesie comment :)
Awesome i won another board and got another shinny coin
Awesome i ordered another black bandeau swimsuit 
(Fingers crossed this one comes and the order doesnt get deleted!!)
Awesome its a long weekend and i cant wait to enjoy summer activities
(like: the lake, car races, fireworks, friends, partays and enjoy the sun)
Awesome the pink and coral nail polish i just bought
Awesome that life is wonderful and splendid and im loving every second
 (even if im stressed i love it)
Awesome hopefully my AE order gets shipped tomorrow and i get to wear my new summer duds for the weekend :)

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