Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Latelies

The best part about this 
is probably how my face is froze...
so embarrassing

 from bobbie erdman on Vimeo.

Happy Thursday!
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  1. I love your vlogs! You have the cutest expressions! :)

    I am so with you on buying small bottles of cheap polish. When I do my nails at home, I honestly have to redo them within three days. It's just not worth it to spend a bajillion bucks on one bottle! And you're totally right: you never, ever use the entire bottle before it dries out.

    (Oh, and I used Wet N' Wild lipstick. It rocks my socks off!)

  2. Aw thanks bethany! I think its so funny when i watch them and i am like "i sound like that?" I painted my nails last night and already had to redo them! I totally saw the wet n wild lipstick right above the nail polish and i was so tempted and now that i know they rock your socks, im gonna have to try them!

  3. Crying right now! Miss you more than words can describe and I love being able to just press play and feel like we're just hanging out in my living room chatting about our favorite things. I pinky promise to do a Thursday Latelies next week so you can feel that as well :) Miss you friendster!

  4. Friendster :) awww Love you chels! Cant wait for thursday!!!!
    (so wish i really was hanging out in your living room, chattin it up)

  5. Hi Bobbie,
    Light pink colors are my favorites, your so cute, "my act of rebellion".
    Me too, I HATED pink and now I LOVE it!
    Oh my those bracelets are so pretty, I want some now ;)

    That top is wonderful, I adore tops like that!
    List maker right here too {this is me raising my hand}

    Happy 4th my friend! Thank you for your dedication in serving our Country!



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