Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a staple piece

i want a staple ring
not a engagement.promise.purity.wedding ring.

i want a ring that i bought for me
that is fun yet boring enough for the Army to accept it

I havent decided yet if it will be a thumb ring or what finger...

Here is what i have come up with:

Jessica Elliot Twisted Floating Horseshoe Ring in Silver Shade
max and chloe

sterling coach signet ring

signature c stacked rings
miranda enamel signature ring

these two are just for fun :)
cool just found out my Caps lock or shift no longer works...
aye i need a new computer


And a few animals...

Antique silver zebra ring. <br /><br /><i>"The zebra is such a rare, beautiful specimen. Each one's stripes unique from any other, just like the RRR girl."</i>-RRGold and black plated metal ladybug ring.<br /><br /><i>"I love surrounding myself with things that bring good energy. The ladybug is a sign of good luck when one lands on you so why not wear one all the time."</i>-RROwl ring with adjustable band. A favorite trait of mine is intelligence. <br /><br /><i>"I try to surround myself with wise old souls that I can learn from like my owl friend."</i>-RR

so which one?
or two?
or three?


  1. I am all for buying yourself a ring! I've bought myself many a statement ring....a girl shouldn't have to wait for a boy to get on one knee to put something on her finger!

    My vote is for the wire knot ring. It's so sweet and playful that it's got me wanting one of my own! :)

  2. I need a staple ring as well. My favorite here is the one by Max and Chloe.

    -Megan Joy

    tweet @_MeganJoy


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