Friday, June 24, 2011

Online shopping... FAIL

I love online shopping
for the ease
and ample time to browse

I HATE online shopping
when this happens:

my beloved super cheap swimsuit
is not coming
because the order "magically" got deleted
i have been driving to the post office 
checking to see if my new favorite swimsuit had arrived
then finally 
i called AE today
and they said the order had been deleted and they are now SOLD OUT
so depressing
now i just look at my other swimsuits in shame
they will never live up to the greatness that this little black suit was going to be

so what did i do...
i splurged and bought tons of other cute things from AE
** including the cute drawstring bag
and balconette bra!
and they better come!!!

still on the hunt for a cute bandeau swimsuit... ideas?


  1. I just purchased 5 swim bottoms and 3 swim tops through this site. Most of the swimwear on their site is from Victorias Secret...definitely check them out.

  2. ooooo thanks! i cant believe how cheap the suits are! :)


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