Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Latelies

Thursday Latelies

 bobbie on Vimeo.


* sorry i am yellow.. that is the strongest little lamp ever in the background

* Pie N' the Sky's Girl talk-- Tattoo inspiration

* Love Life Lace ( i think i said it wrong in the video) -- not reduce social interaction.. i meant social networking. but an awesome post. 
really makes you think

and have fun with Thursday Latelies!!

Almost the weeeknd = : )


  1. I LOVE THAT! Thats the whole challenge behind TL to make the positive in your life over shadow any of the negative. You've got it girl.
    Dill is an awesome herb on EVERYTHING!
    Wendys natural fries are delish! My hubs was drooling over them when you mentioned them.

    Good word. Love will bind us together. I'm memorizing that verse now.
    You Miss Bobbie are a doll, I enjoy catching up on your Latelies every Thursday.


  2. aw bex! thanks girl! i love thursday latelies, its a nice sense of community or something. i feel like you get to know people by more then what they type or post. genius idea!


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