Thursday, June 23, 2011

I need AA


AWKWARD i got new boots for work.
 i was so excited about them i pranced around all night wearing them and dancing in them while hanging out with friends.
AWKWARD all my friends are ridiculously good at darts. 
im happy to make it on the board :)
AWKWARD face peeling, im a snake 


AWESOME i didnt have the soldier of the quarter board this week
so more time to study + less stress = awesome
AWESOME new boots and uniform, i look all spiffy
AWESOME summer nights. i swear there is something in the air
that makes me want to go out EVERY night and do something
((plus it makes ft.polk so much better))
monday = Super 8
tuesday = Green Lantern
wednesday = 50 cent wing night and comedy shows
and who knows what else is in store
AWESOME when you have no paddles for ping pong
play Hand Ball :)
its is really fun and a great workout
AWESOME this was an easy schmeezy week
and i looooooove it 

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