Thursday, June 2, 2011

AA Today

YAY its thursday
and time for 

AWKWARD its 100 degrees here in louisiana. 
I walked 100 ft and was already sweating through my shirt.
AWKWARD i learned about hypersomnia. i swear i have it. 
i thought i just had life mono and thats why i like to sleep all the time.
AWKWARD i have my first funeral this weekend. 
(more like nervous not awkward)
AWKWARD due to my directionally challengedness i went to pick up a friend in the COMPLETELY wrong neighborhood.
AWKWARD i just looked up how to properly spell challenge
it looked weird
only to then to make it a completely made up word


 AWESOME i really love thursdays. 
normally we get off of work at three
today we got off at two!
AWESOME i am going to count my blessing and say amen for the 
amazing air conditioning i have
 AWESOME i tried the new Avocado Turkey Bacon sandwhich at Subway 
 AWESOME i am ordering lots of books on amazon
for many wonderful summer days by the lake 
with a BOOK!
 AWESOME its june. in just four months
my love will be home from Afghanistan :)

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I am directionally challenged as well. That sounds like something I would do.


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