Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday .1

Since i am doing two things every thursday i need a snazzy name 
or maybe put both things together and have it called
"Thursday Madness/ Mayhem?
"The Thursday Times/Thoughts"

AWKWARD today i showed signs of alzheimer's. 
i was thinking something and apparently said it out loud 
and when everyone react i was so confused
 as to how they knew what i was thinking.. 
really i just have no memory of actually saying it out loud... im 20...
AWKWARD I got my hair colored and it was so damaged.. 
i was shedding or massively balding as she brushed my hair... im 20...
AWKWARD i got my hair colored and im pretty sure its slightly green and 
no one wants to tell me

AWESOME Tada i won soldier of the quarter 
and got a pretty Battalion coin
AWESOME I have tomorrow off
and everyone else have to do inventory
(which is death in this heat)
and i plan on going to the lake. Yay me

AWESOME i finally ordered this swimsuit at AE

and now its only $11.95 a peice :)

Happy Thursday!
Cheers to almost Friday!
and then fingers crossed i don't have to work this weekend
so i actually get a weekend!


  1. Great find with the swim suit! I love deals!!!! especially with swim suits because they can be SO expensive!


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