Friday, June 17, 2011

Ah im late..

Thursday latelies
one day late :)

Its your turn!

Go to Bex... Style Diary and link up my friends :)


  1. haha, late is better than never. "its peeing on me" LOL!! Plants are wonderful they make any room instantly feel like a home. Oh thats a neat little trick with the fabric softner and the fabric, agreed she should make and sell em.
    haha, you had me laughing today! You'll like the vinegar do it morning and night be patient with it, it will help it clear up over a period of time. AND it helps erase and slow wrinkles, it helps restore the PH balance of your skin.

    See you this Thursday!

  2. I sooooo totally want a bonsai tree?!! oooh fun! where did you get it? I don't suppose they could live in arizona huh, 117 degrees and all.
    xoxo Jenny Lynne


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