Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Part One


AWKWARD is how awkward i can be when i hang out with new people
example: friend comes over while watching a movie.. i forget about the friend and keep watching the movie. my excuse it was a really good movie.
AWKWARD i had a celery stick and rice cake last night for dinner
it actually filled me up
(maybe i just needed to fast)
AWKWARD how amazingly happy i have been this week
i dont know where this happiness came from
but i want to bottle it 
and keep it
and sell it


AWESOME-NESS how amazingly happy i have been this week
*yep i said that twice
because i feel like a new me
as cheesy as that sounds
this happiness makes life so beautiful
AWESOME-NESS Party rock anthem. i cant stop listening
or shuffling!
AWESOME-NESS I love british humor/dry humor. 
So the invention of lying was a perfect match
AWESOME-NESS the summer air
i love warm nights that just wrap around your body
and remind you of the good times of the past
and the possibilities of adventure every night
AWESOME-NESS i have been going out with friends every night
i used to go to bed at 9 pm
its summer baby.. new bed time is 12 pm
oooooo yah :)

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