Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time flies...

I cant believe i went home 
two weeks ago!
i got so side tracked
in putting up some pictures
(and sending out thank you's
 for everyone who helped me get home)
of what an AMAZING time i had.

So prepare yourself for an explosion of pictures
and a peak into my home life
on steroids since i only had 
three days to do everything

 Main Mission:
 i went home for mothers day
and to do race for the cure
but that going to be a whole separate post!

Mission #1: See the amigas
These are my bestest of friends
the reason for the word

(look at her feathers!)

At the Cafeteria 
super cool 


(We had a health sleepover + some mexican dining)

and her peanut, Alea

(she is modeling already)

All three of us <3

These two help me through anything and everything

Mission #2: Eat 
I try to fit in all my favorite foods:

First the G's make some killer pancakes

Leeann Chin

Jimmy Johns

Noodles and Company


So nummy.
its torture i have to live with out this

Mission #3: Shop 
I try to shop a lot
because in fashion land
Minneapolis > Leesville

 Charming Charlie
(massive accessory store you could potentially get lost in)

All together I got two cute skirts. comfy linen type pants. 
the new pink fedora. pink ked type shoes (only $8)
pink jewelry

 Mission #4: Smoother my puppy with love
I love to spend quality time with the pup, Scooter
i was really sad to come home
and find out
i dont think my pup remembers me
i did find out 
i have been replaced by him and he eats better then me

It was a wonderful trip home and i am so happy i got to go

Theres no place like home :)

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