Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daily Lessons #-24 life has surprises for you

My title is a lot deeper then my topic
Life does have many surprises 
and I love them all
(try to)
and love just going with it
(try to)
or saying my infamous "No" 
like a five year old
which doesn't change anything 
and i end up accepting the little surprise anyways

Here was my surprise of the weekend:

heres the scene:
Hair appointment @ 10 am saturday morning
explained exactly what i wanted
option #1
told the stylist if they couldn't do that
i would totally be fine with 
option #3
(I posted the options in my last post, which i showed these pictures to the stylist)
color goes on
anticipation is killing me
color goes down the drain
nice shampoo and condition
blow dry


nothing changed.

its like the color was like
"nah i dont want to do my job today"
it looks like i got baby highlights
not even full highlights because they don't even go all the way down
so life surprised me
i was not a happy camper
the stylist didn't charge me for the color
or lack there of color
which i am happy about

So this new look is going to have to have a part II to it
because part I failed

If i lift up my hair i can find little chunks of how i wanted my hair to look

so stay tuned for part II
some day...

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