Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daily Lessons #-26 Play poker with pretzels

So happy that i know who my real friends are
I love when find genuinely nice people in your life
you know they will always be there for you
they will help you whenever
and lift your spirits whenever

Spirits this weekend were lifted by playing


so genius.
obviously i have like no money to play real poker
but pretzels i can do!
((so hard not to eat though your poker chips though))
and of course i had beginners luck and won :)
which made it all the more fun

The poker outfit:
I love simple pieces
that you can make a million different outfits out of

The madness:

((the progression of me dominating))

Full cup




I won!!!!!

delicious red velvet cake <3

so if you want to have a game night
grab some friends
grab some cards
grab some PRETZELS

 (( plus you can munch away at the bad too. num ))

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