Monday, May 9, 2011

Daily Lessons #-25 Luggage tags were invented for a reason


I put some cute lil fabric bows on my luggage
and still managed to grab the WRONG luggage
go all the way to the car
and drive away from the airport
then freak out when i opened it and
i didnt pack boxers

drove back.ran back. threw luggage and grabbed my own

i tried to be really sneaky
and the other guy still caught me
and i belted out
" I am so sorry i stole your luggage "
he just laughed
actually everyone around laughed 

I love random human interaction

Well my weekend home was 100 star rating out of 10
Im so refreshed.
I have so many blog ideas
so you will see many
blog posts soon.

but right now i must get back to evil studying
13 hours and i will be walking into a scary board room
i just keep thinking:

dont throw up
dont faint
please lord dont let me go blank
and look like a dear in head lights

be: cool. calm. collected. little bit nervous. mostly confident

my goal: answer at least five questions right
(that is if none of the above happen... if they do, ill be happy with one right)

Happy Monday

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