Friday, May 13, 2011

A catch up AA

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward- Logging on yesterday and blogger was down!
the awkward part is my sadness about the situation

Awkward- friend inviting me over for dinner. they made pork chops. 
i hate pork chops
i try so hard to be nice and not say anything.
awkward is the pain i was in chewing fat and eating this with a smile.

Awkward- When i came back from MN the guys sitting next to me ask
"are you hung over"
ha i was just really really tired ok!


 Awesome- Qualifying with a 31 at the range

 Awesome- Going to see Bridesmaids tonight

 Awesome- My relationship with my boyfriend couldn't be more perfect.
(( and i get to start looking for places to live soon ))

 Awesome- The amazingly productive week i had. Im on top of my game this week :)

Have a Happy Friday 

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