Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's AA time

Awkward & Awesome

Awkward that the dentist hit my nerve --
 i feel like my tongue was hit by lightening

Awkward that i don't know when i am going to completely feel my tongue again

Awkward that i forgot where i parked at the grocery store 
and had to push my little cart all over the parking lot

Awkward that i tried to make it look cool 
by pushing it really fast and jumping on the cart for a mini ride

Awkward that my neck hurts so freakin bad from doing sit ups 


Awesome that i passed my pt test with a bum knee

Awesome that tomorrow i get to wear civilians to work and and the work day ends at noon
((Interjection of Awkwardness- i have to pay to wear civilians to work))

Awesome that my boyfriend surprised me with fun day money in my account --
Thanks lover boy

Awesome that we are finally halfway through this deployment

Is my Sock Monkey Awkward or Awesome?

i may be 20 but i feel like he is a classic stuffed animal
so he deserves the right to chill on my bed
ok.. maybe only until the boyfriend gets back


  1. I vote that the sock monkey is definitely awesome. But your dentist story is terrible.

  2. I have been researching the web like crazy now because i am super freaked out. Good news most cases (like 85%) completely heal in 8 weeks. it feels so weird, i cant taste anything and it feels like my tongue is completely burnt.

    so now the sock monkey has to stay to make me feel better!


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