Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daily Lessons #-23 Bitter has left the building

I hate that word
I hate the way it has taken over me
I hate how it festers in my soul
and brings my mood, day and outlook down

So finally I've had enough

Last night i Googled
"how to get rid of bitterness"
as an aspiring counselor 
i diminished my whole career in one Google search
but i thought if i cant help myself
how can i help others

Search results were good
((snaps for self-help on Google))

Here is the process in which i made bitterness leave:

1- Write down all grudges and bitterness

2- Think about why these issues cause this bitterness

3- Write down all the positive thing in my life

4- Let go of the bitterness, JUST LET IT GO

5- When feelings of bitterness come up, I need to realize i am blessed 

with an amazing family, friends who feel like family, a boyfriend who makes the word happiness jealous of how happy i am, i am going to school, paying for my school by myself <---  avoiding mounds of debt and i have a full time job! 

Nothing i am bitter about is ever any better then anything in my life.

So i did all of that last night.
Kicked bitterness out of the building.
Then today i woke up with a smile and rainbows and unicorns :)

Ha not really. 

I did remind myself i have nothing to be bitter about
It worked today.
I am sure every day will be a struggle
but i truly rather not be a bitter old lady or young lady.

As of today i am one day bitter free 
(( This is AA for internal conflicts ))

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  1. Good job love :) I need to do this step-by-step method with other things-- you know what/who I'm talking about! I love you :)


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