Friday, April 8, 2011

Daily Lessons #-18 Take some action

No one wants to work for free
No one wants to go to work and not get paid
and who can live without receiving income and still pay bills?

Well with the government shutdown possibly happening
thats what is going to happen to me
(I already only got half a paycheck)

I dont think that we should sit back and let this happen again

They are trying to pass a bill 
that would ensure that military would get paid 
in the event that this ever happened again in the future.

I just want people to be aware of how this government shutdown 
is affecting the people that give up their lives for this country

 we should take action

we shouldn't have to live wondering when we are going to get our next paycheck
i already give up enough for the Army 
i dont think i should have to give up my pay too

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