Monday, April 18, 2011

Daily Lessons #-22 Hibernation is not just for bears

I find myself to be two extreme opposites in one body.

((not alluding to being schizophrenic or bipolar or multiple personality disorder))

One is a Diva-Socialite-Fashionada- Explorer- Thrill Seeker- Outgoing
One is a bear

Yesterday was a hibernating day
My bear side is still super awesome :)
I sit inside 
move slow
(Really i mean don't shower or get out of bed
and if you must
only if absolutely necessary)
make awesome food
(chicken wraps with chips and salsa
and ranch popcorn with pickles)
watch tons of awesome movies
Some documentary on Old people, 
One Percent
 and the creepy documentary about Woodsboro church)
Then i surf the internet
like a bear would

I truly enjoy these days to be lazy. 
Every once and a while
I like to pretend I am not actually glued to my phone
and enjoy my own company

**Hibernating days should come with this warning

You may have the sudden urge and
the craving to cuddle 

and your problem may be like mine:
 my bear cuddler
is too far away

I did go out a little this weekend.
Hibernating came at the end of the weekend
so before that
i wore:
[This to the Passion Party]

This hair do is an attempt to hide
horrible no shower hair.
i chalk it up to a success!

[This out for my friends birthday partay]

[ I could decide on which jacket...
Final Answer:
i went with the white cardigan]

yay monday is over :)
Have a happy tuesday!

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  1. thanks for being a follower!
    cute scarf & headband! <3


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