Sunday, April 24, 2011

I just miss my peeps...

Being in the Army has defiantly made me more independent
but i don't think i will ever get used to holidays alone

This year was my first christmas, new years, valentines and now easter alone
Every one of these days SUCK
I try to make the best of it
but normally i just cant get over the fact that 
i am anywhere
but where i want to be
its hard to see everyone else happy with families or even boyfriends
((it doesn't help that my boyfriend is still in afghanistan for 6 months))

For some reason i normally make it worse for myself
by completely isolating myself
because it hurts even more to hang out with married couples and families
it is the lemon juice to my paper cut

i have developed a remedy:

cry for an hour or so
mope about it
vent to my beloved friend on the phone
nap for a few hours
wake up and realize the world is not ending
go get dominos and ice cream
love netflix
all is right in the world

after all
i'm a big kid now :)

i guess...


  1. Just because you've found a routine doesn't mean it's any easier. Thinking about you. You won't be lonely forever. :)

  2. Thanks! i appreciate the thoughts :)

  3. Sorry you are going through hard times right now. Ice cream and a movie is a good cure for a lot of things:) I hope it gets better for you soon.


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