Monday, April 11, 2011

Daily Lessons #-19 Make believe

I really should be sleeping right now
but i like to 

Make believe my sunburn is not killing me 
(( poor lil bum outline ))
Make believe that i do not have to get up early
Make believe i do not need much sleep 
to function
to not be cranky
and to not give up lunchtime for nap time
(( which i have been doing lately, its going to be the new diet craze))
((( Really this makes me sound like i am 5 )))
Make believe that this super busy day ahead of me will breeze by
Make believe that i actually do not have a million and one things to do 
maybe all of this is denial

Either way the make believe side of me thought it would be fun to stay up late on a work night and let the creative juices rebel against the practical queen that rules me monday through thursday. 

I will let you know how i am tomorrow

but blogging is such a nice outlet
of creativity, freedom and control 
over whatever i want to write
and say

 and in my Army life... 
Where control of my own life is obsolete as war
and creativity is as dead 
as every tree cut down 
to produce the millions of manuals that tell me how to do every move

I love this blog
for letting me

Here are some pictures in the little purple dress 
that was worn on Saturday
to the Cajun Fest
which it had to be no less then 900 degrees that day
the dress was perfecto

That right there...
is my 
(( probably making believing it wasn't 900 degrees ))

:) Happy Make Believing 

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