Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daily Lessons #-15 Thai Love

I love new food experiences....
Daily Lesson: Thai love&&Try food

.... I'm also afraid of new food
((and a tiny bit picky))

Best of all i like rating restaurants 
on a scale of one to ten

My friends and i do this often
we want to be professional foodies 

My Goal: Rate every restaurant in this town
That way i feel like i thoroughly have lived here
and experienced all that it has to offer!

The outfit:
Thrift Store Belt- (only one dolla!- should get all my belts at thrift stores)Leopard flats- Love themPaisley scarf- Farmers Market in Minneapolis
I wear scarves all the time... even in 80 degree weather.
(Scarf collection blog= soon to come)
The spicy coffee drink i was afraid of
(hate coffee)
Magic Genie= Steamed rice
Pad Tai. medium spicy= delicious
next time even more spice though
Overall 5 *****
- very good food
- lots of choices
- authentic
- WAY too spendy!

Which was a bit of a buzz kill :(

I read once that trying new food expands your vocabulary
because you are thinking of new ways to describes the new tastes and experiences

Lets all enrich our taste buds

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