Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daily Lesson#7- Gratitude.

Just your typical saturday morning with plans of the day being fabulous in every way.
you go to the bathroom and try to flush and it does nothing. hoping my toilet is just on strike i try the sink, the other sink and the shower. nothing. I evaluate the hair situation in the mirror and thank God for hats and hair appointments that will save the day. Anger also sets in that i have to constantly live without water whenever some people feel like doing construction and turn it off all day without warning. 

I found a way to get through it though.. A) hair appointment makes me look better B) painting my nails mint green makes my nails look better C) dressing cute makes me look somewhat put together D) naps makes the time go by faster E) smoothie shops makes me feel healthier F) subway with a friend helps me completely forget the situation and G)... GRATITUDE


Gratitude for everything that i have everyday and completely take advantage of. 
I am so thankful to have water (normally)
I am so thankful i have all kinds of things in my life that make my life easier
I am thankful for my car
I am thankful for a computer and internet
I am thankful most of all for the people that laugh at my life with me and help me live through the annoying no water times

I watched the "documentary" The Secret the other day, the part i liked most besides positive thinking is just being grateful for what we do have. I often have a million wish-lists for this that and the other. I need to be grateful for what is sitting right in front of me. 

So no water today thank you for teaching me how to appreciate water... but please stay around. 


  1. I'm always learning how to be grateful from my day to day as well. Speaking of gratitude, I'm pretty thankful you introduced that amazing nail polish color to us. I LOVE mint green and I had no idea it looked so good painted on nails. I'm on a search now...

  2. Love the mint green. I just picked up at walmart for like two bucks :)
    It's on my toes right now. It looks cute with all my flip-flops!


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