Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daily Lesson#8- Awakening

I'm sharing this from my church lesson this morning
The first point really got to me....

DAILY LESSON: We need an AWAKENING of ourselves. 

We need to climb out of our holes of anger, hurt, depression, complaining or whatever is getting us down. We need to be awakened and live. 

After church i went out for a morning bite at a local diner then went to my room and slept. 
This restaurant clearly named after me: Bobbie Jean
We rate local restaurants: BJ's= 8

Then thought to myself, "What am i doing?, NOTHING!" I am not fond of the place where i am stationed and complain about it often. (( clearly i just complain far too much in general )) What am i going to do, sit around and sleep everyday? NO!

So i sprung out of bed, drove around to find thrift stores, went out for dinner with friends, power walked the golf course, and had a milk bath ( over 800 recipes) with some studying. It all felt so great to get out there and enjoy the beauty of the day and even though i am not where i want to be, i should enjoy where i am.

This weeks goals:
- Not be lazy 
-Blog during the week
- Eat salads
- Power walk (At least twice)
-Pay all bills
-Send of pretty care package to lover boy
-Have lots of fun at hobby lobby

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