Friday, March 25, 2011

Daily Lessons #-13 expand the social network

Yep you guessed it... 
I FINALLY watched

 The Social Network
Rating: 6
Love the sarcasm and wittiness
Hated the pace or the blah of the movie
Love Mark though

Daily Lesson: Expand the Social Network
(( Really just have more movie nights and dinner dates in my life ))

Movie night outfit:
My curls never last :(
This shirt is actually a dress... i just skillfully tucked it in

Tonight i went over to a friends house for the first time
I met the wife and little kiddies
and the pup
and had their delicious cooking

Then proceeded with the first of many movie nights

By the way:
has these oooo so cute little cake balls on sticks

I have had the birthday cake one and the rocky road
both amazing!
They are $1.50 
such a cute little treat and pick me up

Also you should know this is my guilty pleasure at Starbucks:

I dont even know the real name...
i normally say
"Passion fruit tea lemonade thing"
or it comes out
"prassion pruit pea"
or a blank stare... ha ha

Yay for movie nights. Nummy food and nummy treats!


  1. I love me some prasson pruit pree. Got a hint from a contact in Seattle to try apple juice instead of lemonade, and get it unsweetened for a delicious juice drink. Might also want to try a vanilla bean frap with mango juice for a fruity orange Julius cream slush.

  2. oooo great ideas.
    tomorrow i am immediatly going to try the apply juice instead!


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